Five Things to Factor into your Wedding Timeline

September 19, 2018 | weddings


Weddings are a hectic time, and many important details can become sidetracked or forgotten entirely in the excitement and execution of such an important event. Establishing a timeline is essential to a flawless wedding and can help relieve stress throughout the big day. Here’s a quick list of five things to remember to factor into your wedding timeline:


Eat a large breakfast
It may sound obvious, but having a large and nutritious first meal will help get you through the long day and night and ensure that you’ll stay full if there isn’t enough time for lunch. In addition, drinking will take place throughout the day, so a full stomach is a must. The bridesmaids and groomsmen should be fed before the festivities too because the timeline can run late and eating another full meal during the day might not be possible.



Include lots of cushion time
Something will always happen that will tack on extra time to your timeline, so preparing for this in advance can be really helpful to making sure the ceremony starts on time. The larger the bridal party, the more time needs to be added during hair and makeup, because some take longer than others to get ready. Extra time can also help with ensuring that dresses and suits are wrinkle-free and looking sharp.


Photo by Kara Gardner.


Making it official
Within the whirlwind of celebration and timelines, the main point of the day can be forgotten and that’s making the marriage official! Remembering to bring the marriage license is crucial to making everything legitimate, and signing the document can be very easy to forget.


Provide band set-up time
Bands need ample time to complete soundcheck and instrument set-up for playing throughout the ceremony and reception. A good general rule is allowing the band two or three hours of set-up before the ceremony so they can perfect their sound in the space and provide the perfect music for your wedding.



Time to soak it all in 
Another easy thing to forget during the excitement of the day is setting a few minutes aside with your spouse to remember why you’re here. This will be one of the most special days of your life, so taking some extra time to simply stop and remember it all is not only encouraged, but necessary!