Eight Ways to Maximize Your Morning Meeting

September 5, 2018 | corporate


Meetings can be tough. First there’s the issue of getting the right people around a table to discuss important issues, and then there’s the challenge of maintaining efficiency and keeping people undistracted. We’ve come up with eight ways to maximize your morning meeting that doesn’t require copious amounts of caffeine.


Send out an agenda the day before

If everyone knows the topics to be discussed, it will be much easier to stay on track and have any concerns or questions prepared.


Ask engaging questions before the meeting

A simple “what did you do this weekend?” will get people talking and engaged together as a group.


Restate the agenda at the meeting

Making sure everyone knows the topics to be discussed is important for setting the tone and jogging people’s memories.


Allot strict time limits on each discussion topic

Keeping people simple and to the point will be much more efficient and allow for ample discussion of all topics without taking too much time for a specific one.


Skip the lecture, and ask thoughtful questions instead

People often tune a lecture out and can miss critical information, but asking engaging questions such as their opinion on a topic will keep everyone engaged in the discussion.


Bring a snack for everyone

Especially for morning meetings, everyone may need an energy boost and free snacks may create a happier mood in the meeting.



Ban cellphones

If they aren’t needed for the topics at hand, cellphones will just be a distraction and are better left at the desk.


End the meeting with something fun

Everyone will feel better about the outcome of the meeting with a good stretch or a rating of their mood to get the day started off right.