Easy ways to keep employees efficient and engaged

August 8, 2018 | corporate


The health and well-being of your employees and attendants at meetings is an important concept to keep in mind because of the focus on efficiency and engagement in the workplace. We’ve rounded up some easy ways to boost the health of everyone in the office and keep employees working longer and better.


  • Juice it: Providing a healthy juice bar is an easy way to elevate the average employee’s morning without drinking more coffee. A juice bar will provide a healthy and fruit and veggie filled power boost throughout the entire day.
  • Yoga to go: Experts recommend incorporating a 5-minute stretch into the initial announcements of a meeting to re-energize the brain and help maintain focus through potentially dry subjects. There’s a reason yoga has become so popular in the workplace, because it encourages employee bonding and promotes overall health.
  • Mindful Moments: Providing a meditation room or quiet space for employees is another great way to reenergize the body and refocus on the day’s material or goals. Encouraging employees to take a couple of quick breaks a day in a space with peaceful music, pillows, and mats on the floor is growing in popularity in the modern workplace, and for good reason!
  • Healthy Snacking: Work in healthy snacks throughout conferences and meetings rather than super salty or sweet items. Preservatives and sugars only work to give momentary energy boosts and will end up dragging you down mid-meeting or towards the end of the day. By encouraging employees to snack naturally or providing healthy snacks as an employer, they are more likely to stay focused better through the whole day.